“Jason DeWitt is simply the very best investigator we work with.  We fly him in for our most difficult cases, when others have failed.”

Geragos King
Mark Geragos with Jon King

-Mark Geragos, famed trial attorney, Los Angeles/San Francisco/New York, national television legal analyst, celebrity lawyer and best selling author


“I worked with Private Investigator Jason DeWitt on my brother’s (missing person) and Mother’s (missing, assumed homicide) cases.   He quickly located my brother, and agreed to take on the case of my Mother, missing and assumed murdered many years ago.  He was instrumental in getting not only key interviews where the police failed years ago, but also obtained some very telling evidence and information that had not been known previously.

Had it not been for Jason’s tenacity and investigative work establishing the most likely scenario, it would have never been taken on by the San Francisco Police Department.  Thanks to Jason, it is now actively being worked in the SFPD Cold Case/SVU department.  I Highly recommend Jason for any assignment.  Also, excellent follow up, return calls and communication.  Thanks, Jason!”

Lisa M., Marin County


“I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I made the first call to the DeWitt Detective Agency.  I had never sought out a Private Investigator before.  The phone was answered by Jason, who I now know to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  Jason was clear, honest, straightforward, and did not pull punches.  He also was sympathetic and someone I instinctively knew I could trust.  Everything he said just made sense.

Throughout the investigation, Jason kept me informed of what was occurring on a continuous basis-something I had asked for and was important to me.  While this was a very sensitive issue for me and my family, Jason handled it with an expertise, confidence, diplomacy, and kindness rarely found in anyone.

At the end, Jason and his team were able to get the exact evidence I needed (and more) to make a major life decision…and also gave my attorney more than enough ammunition to overpower the other side in court.  My lawyer has said he will be contacting Jason again.

Jason was one of those rare people that came into my life and made a tremendous impact and helped make certain things clear, and as a result, my personal decisions were much easier and clear to make.  Thank you so much.”

-Rachel S.,  Los Gatos


“As a family law trial attorney, I used many investigators in a variety of capacities.  Jason DeWitt proved himself to be above and beyond all the other investigators that my firm has used.  He takes a no-nonsense, clear headed approach to problem solving and information gathering.  He conducts a clean investigation and testifies reliably and well when we need him most.  In at least one case, the evidence he uncovered and the testimony he presented in court made the difference between winning and losing.  In my business, that is the benchmark for success.”

-David Lederman, Northern California Family Law Attorney and Head of the Family Law Division


“Jason has a natural skill with communication and has always been able to deliver even more than what was requested. He is the ‘go-to-guy’ for the most challenging assignments.”

-Douglas Rochen, Attorney with  Kabateck Brown Kellner, LLP     Los Angeles/San Francisco


“Mr. DeWitt was recommended to me by an attorney I trusted who spoke very highly of him. Because of the lawyer’s strong recommendation, I had high expectations when I hired Mr. DeWitt to help on a serious felony case that was going to trial.

Mr. DeWitt not only met those expectations, he exceeded them. I look for three traits in a PI: intelligence, the ability to think on their feet, and a clear understanding of ethical boundaries and knowing not to cross them.  Mr. DeWitt is the rare PI who was strong in all three areas. 

I can honestly say I would not have won the case without him. I recommend him highly.”

Pat Harris on Larry King Live.
Pat Harris on Larry King Live

-Pat Harris, famed Attorney and Author of the best-selling book, “Mistrial.” http://www.amazon.com/Mistrial-Inside-Criminal-Justice-Sometimes/dp/1592407722


“Kabateck Brown Kellner, LLP is pleased to recommend Jason DeWitt and the DeWitt Detective Agency.  Their services are top flight and when you need a professional and reliable private investigator on your client’s side, you can’t find anyone better than Jason and his team.  They work hard on every case, and have been of tremendous help to us throughout the state.  Everyone is second rate after the DeWitt Detective Agency!

Brian Kabatek on CNN
Brian Kabatek on CNN

-Brian Kabateck, Managing Partner, Kabateck Brown Kellner, LLP 2013 President of the Consumer Attorneys of California, Legal Analyst for CNN, ABC


“Our Agency has known and done business with the DeWitt Detective Agency (DDA) for the past several years and have come to rely on their professional and timely work product. Whether it is a confidential personal issue or highly technical and sophisticated matter we can always count on DDA to get results necessary to prevail in any type of case. When you need an Agency in the Bay area or anywhere else on the West Coast you can count on DDA to get it handled efficiently, effectively and on budget. Call DDA and you will not be disappointed.”

-Rocky J. Pipkin, BS MS CPD, President and General Managing Partner of the Pipkin Detective Agency-www.pipkindetectiveagency.com


“Jason DeWitt (The DeWitt Detective Agency) worked with me and my attorneys to provide investigative services before and during my trial in 2012 and 2013.  He performed a variety of tasks with speed, competency and professionalism.

From the beginning, Jason was clear as to the objective and what was required and he performed flawlessly.  Beyond that, he took initiative when it was necessary and enhanced our effort significantly.  He is truly a team player and willing to go above and beyond to get the job done.  We made some very unreasonable requests related to task and time and he delivered against odds and under pressure.

Jason is honest, forthright, and will not waste your time.  His services are absolutely a worthwhile investment.  Investigative services are a critical part of any action and should not be overlooked.  Effective investigative work will give you the Intelligence you need to develop and support a strategy that will give you the desired outcome.

I have recommended Jason to many of friends and colleagues who have all been very satisfied with the results he has provided.

On top of everything else, Jason is a great guy.  He is easy to work with and makes you feel very comfortable with the process.

Feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions.”

Will Lynch celebrates his legal victory
Will Lynch celebrates his legal victory

-Will Lynch, San Francisco  415-307-6004


“Thank you for your thorough research and investigation into the case I referred to you.  Thanks to your efforts, we were able to prove that a “certain person” was involved in a hit and run against our client.  Great job, you are the best!”

-Jill Henderson, Plaintiff Attorney-San Francisco Bay area


“We called Mr. Jason DeWitt when our daughter ran away and was lost in the streets of San Francisco and Oakland.  We had called the police, but since she was 17 years old, they did not pay much attention to us.  Jason was able to establish communication with the local police and then within 48 hours he personally located our daughter and return her safely to us.  Jason not only knows exactly what he is doing, but is able to do it in a way that creates a huge amount of trust and confidence.  If we ever need a PI again, we know right where to go.”

-Andy and Sarah L., Belvedere, CA




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